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Our producers and farms have certifications and technological infrastructure to achieve the most efficient production process. This infrastructure is used to offer our clients a process and fruit of great quality.

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Ecuadorian Banana

Ecuador is the first exporter of bananas in the world due to its special characteristics of soil and climate, which is why the Ecuadorian banana is known for its quality and flavor in the international markets in Europe, Asia and North America. The biggest Banana producing countries are India, followed by Ecuador, Indonesia, Brazil and China.

Our bananas are grown in several provinces of the Ecuadorian Coast, highlighting those that have good luminosity and climatic location. At the end of the cutting and washing process, Our banana fulfills 4 essential stages that are rigorously supervised and monitored: Packaging at the farm – Direct loading in the Container – Transportation to the Port – Container for shipment. We handled each stage very carefully to maintain the quality of the product in all logistic process and to avoid contamination of our containers with illegal substances.

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We have the Best Ecuadorian Banana

In Banaval, we make sure we have Excellent Agricultural Practices which goal is to obtain a production of High Quality Fruit with the optimal conditions for consumption. At the same time, we make sure our Agricultural Practices are eco- friendly and safe for our hard working employees and their families. It is in our best interest to take care of every detail in order to be certain that we are providers of the best Ecuadorian banana.

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Cutting Once the banana plantation is inspected, banana clusters that have completed their growing process are cut, respecting their sheathing and correct taping.

Selection Banana bunches are cut down while still green, selecting very carefully only those with the perfect size, weight, and grade, meeting optimal conditions for export and consumption.

Cleaning Washing the fruit is mainly based on latex residues removal and eliminating any other dirt or impurity that the banana may contain. After this process, bananas are sprayed with a small fumigation of the crown, to avoid its early maturation.

Packaging The packaging of the fruit is done in corrugated boxes filled with bananas of high quality and with the ideal weight, handled with all the care necessary to avoid damage during the journey to its destination and respecting the technical specifications requested by our clients.

Our Packaging

Banana Boxes

We are specialized traders and experts in the cultivation and export of bananas who work very hard to provide the best service and bring the best quality fruit to the world.

We transport our fruit with international companies with excellent services, which are: Baltic Shipping, Maersk, MSC and CMA CM. We offer our clients an excellent operational experience and high work standards that allow them to plan their chain of supply.

Box Type 22XU, it is exported to Europe, Russia and the USA.
Box type 208, it is exported to Asia, Irán and Saudi Arabia

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